Jake Fleming

Product Designer

I design products and create things with a lot of personality.

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About me

I'm a product designer with a knack for illustration and animation. Initially starting my career as a graphic designer, I hopped from startup to startup, quickly advancing into roles which enabled me to learn a bucket of skills that we now call product design.

I've also always been an advocate for sharing skills with others–whether it was creating an online course on how to design a game or creating an event where people could learn type design.

For three years, I had the pleasure of running the product design program at Tradecraft, where I and a team of other talented instructors trained over 350 highly motivated and talented people to work as product designers in the San Francisco Bay Area at companies like Google, Facebook, Airbnb, and Tesla.

For more of my work history, take a look at my Linkedin.

My latest


  • Cat Lady - An adorable procedural dungeon crawler
  • 2x2 - A productivity app based on priority matrices built with firebase and vue
  • Designercize - A product design challenge tool
  • Idiot Proofed - A font proofing app for type designers
  • Boxout - A typeface
  • Goiters - Another typeface

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